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With over 10 years experience in the solar energy industry and an unrivalled experience in system design, installation and training in both large and small scale energy systems.

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Welcome to a new way of thinking.

Welcolme to Enertech, where we assess your needs and design a solar system to match your requirements and budget…..

Welcome to Enertech, where we communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that your system provides you with what you asked us for…..

Welcome to Enertech, where you receive over 35 years of experience in the Electrical and Solar Industries to deliver to you a product which will do what we say it will do…..

Welcome to a new way of thinking.

Welcome to Enertech.





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This project consists of a distributed grid network with SMA inverters located throughout the system. A battery bank stores the energy for night time use with load shedding capabilities in times of poor weather make for seamless operation.

I commend Enertech Solar’s installers highly. They were most obliging to the special needs of our home and to my surprise kept to cost of the quote. I am most appreciative of their assistance.

Dr Alan Gordan

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If you are considering reducing your expenditure then look no further, let Enertech Solar’s experience help you by saving you money immediately.


Clean Energy Council Accredited installer for grid connected and off grid, by choosing an accredited installer, customers can feel confident that they will receive a high quality, safe and reliable solar PV system.

REC Solar approved installer Australia wide, Knowing that not only is the solar panel of high quality, but that the person installing it is also highly skilled and has been trained by REC, gives end customers greater peace of mind for the quality of the installation.

Sets the benchmark of excellence for the electrical contracting industry in Australia.

Technically assessed and know-how straight from the manufacturer

An enterprise with immense experience. We have over 10 years in the solar energy industry and have unrivalled experience in designing, installing, commissioning and training in both large and small systems.
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