Our Projects

Lady Elliot Island 100kW Great Barrier Reef

Once consuming nearly 600 litres of diesel per day for power generation, with Enertech’s off grid system are now down to 70 litres per day.

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  • 100kW commercial Off grid
  • Distributed grid
  • 12 x SMA Sunny Islands

Stone & Wood Brewery 100kW Byron Bay

With ever increasing energy production costs, this state of the art solar system now provides power for brewing and bottling.

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  • 100kW Industrial grid connected
  • 5 x 20kW Fronius Inverters

Billabong 37kW Hybrid

With over $5000 a quarter in electricity charges, Enertech solar have now reduced this to $200 a quarter with the latest hybrid battery technology utilizing Selectronic inverters.

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  • 37kW Ground mount Hybrid
  • 3 x Selectronic SP PRO
  • 7 x Kaco inverters

Carinity Aged Care 75kW Townsville

With a high daytime consumption of power, progressive thinking Carinity Care took the step of taking charge of their future energy charges by installing a 75kW PV system.

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  • 75kW Commercial grid connected
  • 3 x 20kW SMA Tripowers

Tuvalu, South Pacific 46kW Hybrid

After designing and installing a complete bespoke Off-Grid system to power Motofua School on this remote Island it provides access to 24/7 electricity.

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  • 46kW New Stadium Mounted
  • 9 x SMA Sunny Island Inverters
  • 6 x SMA SMC Inverters

Currumbin Valley 21kW Hybrid

This fabulous new property located 4km from the grid saved $1000’s with this state of the art 3 phase off grid system.

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  • 21kW Roof Mounted
  • 3 x SMA Sunny Island Inverters
  • 3 x SMA SMC Inverters

Lyon Park 100kW Sydney

To gain the required Green Star Building Rating a 100kW system with a bespoke tilted roof structure was installed on this office block.

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  • 100kW Rooftop Structure
  • 9 x SMA Inverters

Barcaldine 10kW Hybrid

This residential property was on the end of a SWER line and suffered with outages and unstable voltage until this 10Kw Hybrid system was installed.

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  • 10kW PV on Tilts
  • 1 Selectronic SP Pro
  • 1 x KACO Inverter
  • 2 x imark charge controllers

Kyoomba 6.5kW Hybrid

This residential new build was over 6km from the grid, making this complete off grid system financially viable.

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  • 6.5kW Roof Mounted
  • 1 x Selectronic SP Pro
  • 2 x Kaco Inverters

Carinity Aged Care 50kW Wishart

This Brisbane facility has reduced their ever increasing electricity bill with a state of the art 50kW PV system

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  • 50kW Commercial grid connected
  • 3 x ABB Inverters

Biloela 20kW Hybrid

This farm was located on the end of a SWER line.  We have now reduced power outages and voltage fluctuations.

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  • 20kW Roof Mounted
  • 1 x Selectronic SP Pro
  • 1 x Kaco Inverter
  • 3 x AERL charge controllers

FKG Distribution Centre 25kW Berrinba

In order to offset their lighting and air conditioning consumption a 25kW PV system was installed on this distribution centre.

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  • 25kW PV Roof Mounted
  • 1 x Fronius Inverter

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