Barcaldine 10kW Hybrid

In this remote area just outside Barcaldine, the property was located on the end of a SWER line where they had intermittent power and high fluctuation in voltages causing damage to computers and other electrical appliances.

Project Details

With the need for a reliable power supply, Enertech installed 40 x 250W panels, 20 x coupled to 2 x Australian manufactured IMark charge controllers and 20 x 250W panels coupled to a 5kW Kaco inverter. The DC power was directed into the battery bank via a shunt and the AC power was directed into the AC switch board for immediate use, any excess would be fed into the battery, Ergon would not allow any power to be exported so we installed a Selectronic SP PRO 7.5kW zero export inverter.

The technology

The 2 x IMark mppt charge controllers are 98% efficient and are linked together so communication can be achieved via RS485, the whole system is connected to the clients internet so the performance or any issues can be viewed remotely absolutely vital for such a remote system, the inverters and charge controllers are connected to a 48V Sonnenschien battery bank rated at 900Ah.

Success of the project to date:

The hybrid 10 kilowatt (kW) system has dramatically reduced the power consumption on the grid providing the customer with a reliable steady power source, even in over cast weather or when the grid is down, the generator can be started to boost the charge into the batteries and supply the load, the system consistently supplies around 40 -55kWh/d.

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