FKG Distribution Centre 25kW Berrinba

In order to gain the Building Green Star rating which aims to reward building owners for implementing strategies and taking actions to measure and reduce a building’s operational energy use, below that of a comparable standard-practice building, progressively thinking National Builder, FKG, took the steps to install water storage and a solar PV generating plant.

The Austrian manufactured Fronius Symo – 3 phase inverter was selected due to the 3 phase configuration of the buildings power supply and the extremely high efficiency rate, upwards of 98%. The system comes complete with a web based monitoring system in order to view performance and daily/ monthly yields ither from a computer or smart phone. The system will reduce the running and operation costs of this organisation dramatically with a system that has no moving parts and guaranteed for upto 25 years.

Key responsibilities

To compile all engineering and electrical drawings and gain approvals from Energex.

For this project the Norwegian REC  panels were again selected, the main system was mounted on a high grade aluminium tilt racking and fixed directly to the roof structure allowing us to engineer the perfect orientation and pitch. String fusing was incorporated into each string and the weatherproff enclosures were mounted under the arrays for safety and isolation, all of the DC cables were run through the roof and terminated at high DC rated rotary isolators.

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