Billabong 37kW Hybrid

This ground breaking Solar Hybrid installation encompasses every challenge possible.  With limited roof space, high electricity costs and long cable runs, Enertech’s innovative 37kW has changed all the rules.

Project Details

The system consists of an AC coupled Hybrid designed and installed by Enertech.  With 3 x Australian Selectonic Bi-directional inverters and 7 x German Kaco Inverters supplying all of the loads, and 4000Ah BAE German Battery bank.

Success of the project to date

This 37kW ground mounted system was installed utilizing the 3 phase grid, 80KVA generator and a 4000Ah Battery bank.  Due to the long cable runs and Energex insistence on Zero Export, the system was carefully designed to lower the sites load first, then to shift more night time load to daytime.

As the array is set out in an arc formation, all loads are targeted and the battery bank is fully charged by midday.

With a lack of good ‘Active’ monitoring systems available, Enertech designed our own bespoke system which is capable of starting and stopping the generator though the internal network, and it starts/stops the pool heat pump whilst providing ‘real time’ data about the entire site, on your smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world.

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