Carinity Aged Care 75kW Townsville

Located in Idalia, Townsville, Fairfield Grange is a state of the art Hotel Style Aged Care facility.  With huge electricity costs Enertech Solar have helped to reduce this with a 75kW Solar System.

Project Details

After a lengthy process gaining approvals from Ergon, we set about installing this 75kW Zero Export PV system.

Comprising of 280 x 270W panels which are set out in various orientations to capture the load all day, and 3 x German SMA Tripower Inverters for high efficiency.

Success of the project to date

Great care was applied to the layout of this installation as various loads would come on throughout different times of the day.  With long cable runs and fire walls it was a very challenging installation for the Enertech Team.  However, as can be seen, the presentation and performance far exceeded the customers expectation, dramatically cutting their ever increasing electricity bill.

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