Carinity Aged Care 50kW Wishart

Located south of Brisbane, this Aged Care Facility cares for over 104 residents and has 62 self-contained houses on site which covers over 7 acres. As such, residents benefit from 24 hour a day care from the superb staff, all meals are prepared on site and each area is temperature controlled.

Project Details

We installed a 50kW grid tied system at Carinity Aged Care after a full site survey, this decision was agreed upon by ensuring we utilised every bit of available roof space. After the grid application was submitted to Energex, we discovered that although almost all of the 50kW solar power would be consumed on site, Energex insisted on a zero export system would need to be installed to prevent any excess power flowing back to the grid.

Success of the project to date

As can be seen by the photos, all of the nine PV arrays were orientated in various directions in order to provide a high yield of power at all times of the day, this proved to be quite challenging with cable runs and fire walls to overcome.

With a lack of available wall space inside the building, we decided to install the inverters and associated equipment on steel framework and weatherproof facia finishes, this allowed us to encase all of the cables and assist in keeping the inverters cool.

For this project, we opted for the ABB inverter range due to their high efficiencies and ability to operate well with the zero export device. Whilst respecting the customers and residents operating hours, we installed the 194 x Jinko panels on Clenergy roof framing utilising 1200VDC isolators.

Although the system was commissioned in winter, results so far demonstrate that the system provides upto 70% of the energy needs during the day.

Once the system was fully tested and commissioned, a training session and hand over was completed for the customer, in order to view the performance or any errors, a complete monitoring system was installed connecting each inverter to the internet for direct access to all parameters viewable on any PC, laptop or mobile phone via a secure password.

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