Currumbin Valley 21kW Hybrid

The system consists of an AC-coupled off-grid systems from SMA Technology, Germany, equipped with 3 x Sunny Island 5048, 1 x Multi-cluster box and 3 x Sunny Mini Central 7000TL supplying 1 bank of 1700Ah sealed/gel batteries at 48V from Sonnenschein, Germany. The PV system consists of 86 x Q.CELL 235 watt panels.

Project Details

Coupled with the energy efficient build, water storage capability, low energy pumping systems and the LED lighting throughout the property makes for a very light environmental impact on the surrounding land with a 15kVa diesel generator installed for backup on cloudy/poor weather days.

Success of the project to date

The system was commissioned by Enertech Solar and SMA which has an integrated communication system capable of monitoring irradiance, power, consumption, wind speed etc by remote access anywhere in the world via a safe access code.

After a price tag of over $80k was presented to the customer by Energex to bring in power to the property, this state of the art complete Off-Grid system was designed and installed. It came in on time and under budget with no further rising electricity costs.

Billabong 37kW Hybrid

Lady Elliot Island 100kW Great Barrier Reef

Kyoomba 6.5kW Hybrid

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