Residential Solar

Have you just received your quarterly electricity bill?

Are you frustrated with the ever increasing expense? Do you know there are Government Grants available to assist with your purchase? Contact Enertech Solar and mention the Power Usage Scheme, find out how you can cut costs immediately, and for the future.

At Enertech solar, we pride ourselves at being different from all of the other solar companies. We don’t simply offer you the cheapest system whilst claiming it will solve all of your energy costs. We look at the way you use your power and as standard, install a complete energy monitoring device with the solar system.

Based on this vital information gathered, we can work together during and after the installation to target your high loads and bring them within the solar generation window to avoid further rising electricity costs.

3kW Solar System

Estimated Savings


Per year

  • 13kWh/day
  • Average Cost
  • $4000 – $5000

5kW Solar System

Estimated Savings


Per year

  • 22kWh/day
  • Average Cost
  • $4800 – $7500

6.5kW Solar System

Estimated Savings


Per year

  • 30kWh/day
  • Average Cost
  • $5000 – $9000

Billabong 37kW Hybrid

Biloela 20kW Hybrid

Kyoomba 6.5kW Hybrid

Currumbin Valley 21kW Hybrid

Another reason to choose Enertech Solar…

You want results…

Enertech Solar has years of unrivalled ability in being able to deliver results with attention to detail that exceed all expectations. Our pricing is very competitive with no hidden or unexpected costs. Work with us and you’ll work with experienced professionals who are vigilant of deadlines and committed to providing client confidence.

An enterprise with immense experience. We have over 10 years in the solar energy industry and have unrivalled experience in designing, installing, commissioning and training in both large and small systems.
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